Who I think will win the 2020 election

The 2020 election is probably the most bizzare election ever. With the Coronavirus situation and racial injustice, voting seems to be significantly more important. As you may know, the two candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Currently, Joe Biden has a massive lead over Trump, but Trump is slowly catching ground through his intelligent strategies and effort to strategize and campaign in the most important states over the next 5 days. Now, before we move on about the 2020 election, let’s not forget the historic 2016 election. As you may know, Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton by the slightest margin. This was a surprising defeat, and remember, the polls did prefer Hilary by about the same percentage that they have Joe Biden ahead. Could this just be a repeat of 2016? I think so, which I why I think Donald Trump will win. Now, let’s look at each candidate’s campaign strategy. Joe Biden likes to highlight his campaign on the pandemic, emphasizing how he has a plan to prevent this continuous disaster where over 200,000 Americans have been killed. He has also stated that in order for the economy to reopen, we must find a way to counter this pandemic first. He claims that Trump’s irrational decision making may cause the loss of many more lives until the vaccine comes out. Trump on the other hand focuses on Joe Biden character, with numerous reports of calling him “sleepy.” Trump believes if he can connivance the American people that joe Biden is unfit for office, they will vote for him. Trump has also stated that he will reopen the economy as soon as possible, and that may attract millions of people who lost their jobs and small businesses. It is quite clear for most Americans that they would prefer to reopen the economy before they can solve this horrible pandemic that has completely changed our lives. I think that ultimately this stance of reopening the economy by Trump may allow him to reopen his key swing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, as they are heavily dominated by small businesses, manufacturing, and plantation which have all been industries that have suffered as a result of the lockdown. While some Ameericazna still want a vaccine before the country reopens, I think that Americans will only become desperate for their business to reopen as time passess on, hence prompting them to vote for Trump.

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