Maserati is a prominent Italian racing brand founded by Alfieri Maserati in Bolgona Italy. The brand manafactured many famous and respected cars, including the legendary MC-12 and the iconic Tipo 151 which raced in Le Mans. Their beautiful designs, lavish interiors, and eye catching trident logo all attract wealthy buyers. However, Masearti has also been destroying its brand that the company worked so hard to build. When I say destroy, they are designing vehicles according to what the market desires, not innovating their sports cars that their brand was once known for. Take for example the “Levante” which Maserati claims is a performance luxury SUV. Many enthusiasts believe that this is not the case, as the vehicle is overpriced, drives slow, and has the same interior parts from a dodge minivan that you would rent at an airport. Maserati is really focused on making profits rather than doing what they are best at. To understand what I mean, the Levante has terrible driving qualities unlike any other Maserati, but it has eight different Maserati logos all across the car. It really comes to show that Maserati is trying desperatly to utilize their previous image they created to sell a rather average SUV. Quite disgusting to see this very capable brand demolished. The Levante is also $80,000, and with that money you could purchase a Mercedes GLS, with significantly better interior quality, excellent practicality, and more capability on and off the road. If you do not want such a large SUV, even the Range Rover Sport would be a much better alternative as you are at least receiving a back-up camera. This trend with Luxury car brands must stop, and not only do I observe this with Maserati, but other brands such as BMW too. BMW put their “M” badge on any car that has a engine larger than a four cylinder. Don’t demolish a brand that your founding fathers worked tirelessly to build, but build around that reputation. Chasing sales and profit will only help these companies in the short term, the real effects will be seen in the long term.

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